Hello, We are NuDecco. (Nu-Decco)

Aesthetic minimalist hand-poured scented candle brand made in Georgetown, Penang. All our soy and shapes candle are hand poured in a small batch by using 100% vegan soy wax, bees wax that infused with scented fragrance, without using any harmful chemical, paraffin, phthalate. 

We created candle in different shapes, colours, sizes and scent of candle, just like us, human ; beauty in different way.

Our name Nu, is originally from the word Nude, which means elegant, sophisticated, timeless and modest. The Warm undertones induce comfort and warmth for home. 

Decco, is for Decor. It means the beauty of each shapes and sizes of candle could be a unique curated art pieces of home decor. Regardless what shape and sizes of candle is, melted / new, it's a curated collection of art.

Scent your home with love, just like we scent you with our love.