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 Bring me back in time. 

Oh, It’s December :  

Run a relaxing hot bath in the winter with lavender and Oakmoss touch of candle 

Scent Ingredient: Calendula, Willow Leaves, Rosemary


White Christmas :

Christmas season that feeling warmth and aroma of wood burning in the fireplace

Scent Ingredient: Black Tea, Fennel, Musk


 1990 Wild Willow :

Walking into the floral garden in your backyard

Scent Ingredient: Calendula, Willow Leaves, Rosemary 


1964 Sunday Morning :

Wearing PJs, having breakfast in your cozy and homey house on Sunday Morning

Italian Mandarin, Fresh Fennel, Rose Petals


1891 J’Pierre Portrait :

Living in the art gallery of J'Pierre Portrait 

Scent Ingredient: Roses, Red Berries, Musk


1893 Le Parisien :

Fall in Love like a Parisian, keeping it sweet and easy. 

Scent Description: Vanilla Flower, Coconut, Sea Breeze



Candle Weight: 200g