We have been searching high and low for candle scent that makes you feel like home.

As we all know that, there's nothing more cozy than staying at home. 

All our premium essential oil are originally imported from Korea.


These are all the current scent that we have: (Update on Oct,2017)

Sweet Tooth:

Dreamy candy scented with a little touch of Vanilla.

Scent Ingredient: Black Berries, Black Current, Vanilla & Musk.

The Pink Lady:

A bed full of flower petals with a slight hint of sweet, yet subtle, beauty sheer floral scent.

Scent Ingredient: Star Jasmine Cherry Blossom, White Musk & Muguet.  

Citrus Popsicle:

Refreshing fruity scent of grapefruits and lemon, with blend of jasmine flower which definitely will lift your mood for summer vacation.

Scent Ingredient: Pink Grapefruit Red Berries, California Lemon, Star Jasmine

Autumn Lover:

Maple leaves falls on a crisp autumn season,with fuzzy socks and a sip of warm milk.

Scent Ingredient: Redwood Twigs, Fig Tree,Ivy Trails

Rustic wood:

Step on a journey to the roots of sandalwood, enjoy the fresh clean air of the forest and wet mud.

Scent Ingredient: Clove Buds, Cedar wood, Light Vanilla, Sandalwood 

Camp Fire:

Light cast by the flames danced across the dark trunks of the tress in the Forest. 

Scent Ingredient: Italian Bergamot, White Tyhme & Cedarwood Virginia

Cozy Blanket:

Cozy night with burning candles, warm blanket, soft pillows and big sweaters.

Scent Ingredient: Pink Peony, Sensual Magnolia & Fresh Raspberries